ZEVUSA  is eMpasys brand name for Main Stream commercial renewable tech facilities and EV ReCharging.  Since 2005 we’ve been providing EV charging ODM services and solutions for our members and clients. We provide all clients with a total cost of ownership evaluation prior to ZEV fleet acquisition and or EV recharging infrastructure.  Optional >Third party financing for ZEVs and EV recharging infrastructure is available.

eMpasys is a USA based international renewable tech engineering company that was established in 1998, with brand names of ZEVUSA and GOEVX. As a member supported and member driven organization, our renewable technology consultation, engineering, customize solutions, and services are available to members or affiliate partners. We provide customized renewable technology solutions such as; OnSite Power Systems, Advanced energy storage, Renewable Power Management, BEV Fleet solutions, FCEV Recharging Systems, BEV Recharging Systems, Aerospace Charging Solutions, Maritime ReCharging solution and other renewable tech services.

Our market is electricity distributed generation and energy conservation.

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