FCEV Recharging

FCEV Fast Charging Stations and  Fuel Cell Electric vehicles solutions.

The key advantage of charging a FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle)  over a BEV  (battery electric vehicle), is that it can be refueled in 3 minutes, just as you would fill an internal combustion-engine vehicle with petrol or diesel. Hydrogen refueling  for vehicles are fast just like pumping gas, a perfect mainstream market solution. Hydrogen electric vehicles can travel 300+ miles per fill up.

A fuel cell is an electro-chemical device that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, with water and heat as its by-product.  The conversion of the fuel to energy takes place via an electro-chemical process, not combustion, the process is clean, quiet, highly efficient and no electrolysis with our technology.

In the 1990s, early hydrogen technologies was developed and used for electric generation, steam production, co-generation, some residential application and transportation.

FCEV System Charging

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