EV Power Modules

High Performance  ReCharging In Any Weather

The power cell modules can be used in various applications within multiple industries; They are designed with optimal safety, Extremely versatile and they are self-regulate. There’s no risk of overheating or being subjected to cold temperatures, which means they offers superior conductivity, efficiency and longevity. The power cell modules can be designed to fit any manufactured electric vehicle platform or chassis. The modules can be incorporate into a BEVs or PHEV manufactured design. A complete BEV power module solution can be provided as a plug-and-play solution. 

A BEV Power Module in a atmosphere with high temperature may overheat, which shortens the life cycle of the power cell module. Also very cold temperatures have a negative impact on power cell modules, because it has to work harder and at a higher voltage to recharge. A power cell module must be kept at a relatively mild temperature to obtain optimal performance. (Not Overly Hot or Cold). All electric vehicle batteries performance levels are greatly reduced in area with low temperatures. Our modules can operate at  optimal performance in any temperatures.

Power Cell Advantages:

Our customized power modules are designed for  life cycles  between 6,5000-20,000 with high energy density. Our energy storage modules include special circuitry to protect the module from damage due to overcharging or undercharging. Our customized energy storage power cell modules will continue to provide High Performance in any weather condition. The power cells offers the highest energy to weight ratio available today.

Customized Solution For Your ZEV

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